How many Air Filters does your vehicle have? Your vehicle may have more than one air filter.

Depending on what style or type of vehicle you have, it may be eipped with multiple different filters.

Engine Air Filter, normally located on or near the engine itself. This filter prevents dust and dirt from entering the engine cylinders. Clean airflow that is unrestricted improves engine performance, fuel mileage and reduces wear on the engine components. Recommended to be inspected regularly and replaced before it “looks” dirty, normally around 12-15,000 miles or less depending on conditions.

Cabin Filter or Heater/Airconditioning Filter, normally located under the passenger dash panel. This filter protects the occupants inside the cabin and the components of the AC/Heater from dust pollen, and dog hair. Having clean air inside the vehicle makes for a much better driving experience. This filter should be replaced at least yearly depending on conditions.

Hybrid Battery Cooling System Filter, normally located in the rear compartment. This filters the air that cools the high voltage battery. This filter is recommended to be replaced on a factory maintenance schedule or sooner depending on conditions.

Seat Air Filter. That’s right, some vehicles have air filters for the heat and air conditioning system for the seats. If your vehicle has these, they need changed when the cabin filters are replaced. These normally don’t ever get replaced and the air-conditioned seat function doesn’t work very well.

In summary, the air filters on your vehicle serve a very important function and should be maintained according to the manufacture’s recommendations or sooner. Replacing air filters could possibly save you a lot of time, money and headaches in the future.

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