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Do Airbags Need to Be Maintained or Inspected?

Air Bag Maintenance | Complete Automotive

In the world of automotive safety, few innovations have been as impactful as airbags. These inflatable cushions have saved countless lives in the event of a collision, making them a critical component of modern cars. But, like all safety features, airbags require attention and care. The question is, should airbags be maintained or inspected?

The Lifesaving Role of Airbags

Before delving into maintenance and inspection, it's essential to understand why airbags are so crucial. In a collision, the sudden deceleration can propel passengers forward, leading to potentially severe injuries. Airbags act as a buffer, rapidly inflating to cushion the impact and prevent occupants from striking hard surfaces within the car. They are, in essence, a second line of defense after seat belts, designed to reduce the risk of head, chest, and other serious injuries.

Why Maintenance Matters


Like any mechanical component, airbags can degrade over time. Maintenance ensures that when you need them most, they will deploy reliably.

Sensor Calibration

Modern vehicles are equipped with sensors that trigger airbag deployment. Regular maintenance ensures that these sensors are calibrated correctly, reducing the risk of false deployments or failures.

Preventing Faulty Deployment

In rare cases, airbags can deploy unexpectedly due to electrical issues or sensor malfunctions. Maintenance helps identify and rectify such issues before they become a problem.

How Often Should You Inspect Airbags?

So, how often should they be inspected and checked? While airbags don't require frequent maintenance, they should be inspected periodically, ideally during routine vehicle check-ups or servicing. Here are some key inspection points:

Dashboard Warning Lights
If your airbag warning light stays illuminated, it's a clear sign that something is amiss, and you should have it inspected immediately.

Collision Damage
After any significant collision, even if the airbags didn't deploy, have them inspected. The impact might have affected their readiness.

Routine Service
During regular service appointments, ask your mechanic to check the airbag system's status and functionality.

DIY Maintenance or Professional Inspection?

Airbag systems are highly complex and best left to professionals. Attempting DIY maintenance or repair can be dangerous and may inadvertently cause damage or trigger unintended deployments. Professional mechanics have the tools and expertise to ensure your airbags are in optimal condition.

Do You Need Your Airbags Checked?

If you are looking for a professional safety system, including airbags, check look no further than Complete Automotive! We are here to ensure your safety on the road, making you enjoy every moment on it.

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