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Is Your Vehicle Showing Signs of a Leak?

As your vehicle ages, it is normal to spring a few leaks. Some leaks can have no consequences, while others can be detrimental to the vehicle's overall function. Most drivers may not be able to positively identify the type of liquid leaking, which is why you should take your vehicle to the repair shop.

Here are some examples of liquids that could be leaking from your vehicle.

1. Engine Oil

Your car could be losing engine oil from a compromised point in the car structure. An engine oil leak is not good news for your vehicle as it poses a serious risk to your safety when driving. If your car is leaking engine oil, you will notice dark brown, sometimes black, pools of liquid underneath your car when you take it from its parking spot. You may also notice a burning smell when you heat the engine.

2. Transmission fluids

If your transmission fluid leaks, you will realize your car is losing power while driving. Manual cars may just slip out of gear at random times without reason. Transmission fluid is usually bright red in color or reddish brown in some cases. If you notice such blobs of liquid behind or under your car, it's time to check your vehicle.

3. Brake Fluid

Leaking brake fluid is cause for immediate concern because it puts your life and the lives of your passengers at risk. The more brake fluid you lose, the closer you are to losing complete control of your braking system. Brake fluid is easy to diagnose by identifying leaking fluid that is shiny brown or clear under the car or in a trail behind the vehicle.

As you can tell, leaks in a vehicle are no joke. If your car leaks, you cannot afford to ignore it. Take it to the shop as soon as possible.

Does your vehicle have a mysterious leak that you cannot fix? Why not bring it to Complete Automotive and let the experts look at the problem today? We can get your leak repaired in no time. When it comes to leaks, sooner is better than later.

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