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The Giving Season: Great Gifts For the Car Lover in Your Life

Gift giving in the holiday season can be tricky. So many of us absently buy the things we want online, making it difficult to find the perfect gift for a friend. If you’re still looking for that perfect gift for a car lover in your life, we’ve taken the time to round up seven of our favorite picks for Christmas presents this year!


  1. Socks are a much nicer gift than they get credit for. A good pair of socks is a wonderful thing. These Qrupoad “Gas” and “Clutch” Novelty Socks are a hilarious and fun gift, especially for a driver new to manual transmissions!

  2. Many states have made hand-free driving a law now, but many people now use wireless charging when they drive. Someone got the idea to combine a hands-free phone mount and a wireless charger! If you know someone with a wireless charging phone who could use a good mount, take a look at this CHOETECH Wireless Car Charger. It’s auto-clamping on your phone, giving you auto charging at the back.

  3. If you love cars, especially new cars, and want that new car smell… you guessed it… it comes in a cologne, a body wash, a roll-on perfume, and even a shower gel. Check out Demeter New Car Smell cologne for that new car fiend

  4. Some people really love working on their own car, or fantasize about owning their own garage someday. A proper garage lift is usually something that requires a substantial business loan… but take a look at this QuickJack BL-5000SLX for the serious car buff!

  5. They’re have been so many car combat games. Most die-hard players can tell you that the best of them was Twisted Metal 2 for the Playstation. But a close runner up has always been the latest rendition of Mario Kart. Now, there’s Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch, and it’s sure to cause some family tensions!

  6. When all you really need for your phone is a decent mount for the car… this company makes highly reliable mounts for your car. Check out the iOttie Easy One Touch Connect Pro to help a friend drive hands-free.

  7. Sometimes, it's difficult to see traffic moving behind you on older cars without a rear-view camera installed. This nonda ZUS Smart Rear View Camera installs easily and works through your phone to show you the space behind your car. A great gift for a new driver or an older one with worries of hitting someone!


We hope you and your family will enjoy a very happy and safe holiday this year! We’re excited to start another year as your go-to service for car repair in Springfield. 


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