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Top 10 Must-Haves For Summer Road Trips


It’s summer and the perfect time of year to hop in your car with friends and family and take that roadtrip. Cruising the open road gives us freedom, a sense of freedom, and the opportunity to experience joy alone or with those we love the most. Having your car stocked with the things that could make your trip safer and more fun is essential before you hit the road. The team at Complete Automotive has 10 “Must have” suggestions for you before you’re off for the adventure of a lifetime!

  1. OLD SCHOOLMAPS – Even though there are countless APPS that have electronic maps and directions, it’s always wise to have “old fashioned” paper maps on hand. Sometimes electronic map applications get a little fickle and can lead you in circles. Having a paper map on hand is a great precaution.
  2. SNACKS – To avoid extra stops and blood sugar crashes, it’s smart to keep some of your favorite non-messy snacks on hand. Fruit, cheese, and nuts are simple easy healthy choices.
  3. AAA – Just in case there are some problems with your car on your vacation, it’s smart to have AAA or be part of another roadside assistance program to be safe.
  4. EMERGENCY KIT – Responsible “road trippers” should have some emergency kit. From band aids to flashlights, keeping these types of precautionary items nearby will alleviate stress should an emergency arise.
  5. GREAT MUSIC – Having the right music ready is a MUST for car trips. If a song inspires you and makes you want to sing out loud, that’s a good sign that that song should be on your road trip mix!
  6. BOOKS ON TAPE – Whether you’re alone or have a vehicle full of friends and family, a book on tape could be a great way to enjoy a story and kill some time.
  7. TOILETRIES – Drivers should have their automobiles stocked with toiletries, such as cleaning wipes, hand sanitizer, tissues, and paper towels
  8. COMFORTABLE CLOTHES, PILLOWS, AND BLANKETS – Whether you’re just driving for a few hours or are off for a cross-country excursions, being comfortable should be a priority.
  9. AUTOMOBILE PREPAREDNESS – Don’t let the excitement of a road trip keep you from taking the time to make sure that your car is as ready as you are! Complete Automotive suggests that you have your oil checked, make sure that tires are in tip-top condition, and be certain that your wiper blades are working correctly.
  10. A SENSE FOR ADVENTURE – Experiencing the freedom and thrills of a road trip is always more fun when you have an adventurous spirit. When you’re driving and the wind is blowing hair and you’re surrounded by beautiful scenery and beautiful people, remember, life is good!

We at Complete Automotive pride ourselves in being the leader in the automotive industry due to our expert car service repairs and outstanding customer service. Our knowledgeable technicians are the best in the industry and want to make sure that your road trip is hassle free. If you’re interested in having us inspect your vehicle before you’re off on your trip, please contact us. We are located at 2238 E Chestnut Expy. Springfield, Mo. 65802.

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