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What You Should Know About Fall/Winter Maintenance and Battery Reliability

With the changing of the seasons comes changes to how you should be maintaining your vehicle. Summer can create some issues for your battery and unfortunately, that toll crops up during the colder months, making our batteries less reliable or prone to failure. When it’s time for you to prepare for the winter months, there’s a lot you can do on your own, but don’t forget that Complete Automotive is here to assist you with all of your auto repair and maintenance needs. 
Car batteries are lead-acid batteries, and the way they work depends on chemical reactions. These chemical reactions are affected by environmental temperatures. Hot or cold, it is going to change how efficient your battery is and how long your battery is going to last. 
Cold temperatures are going to slow down the chemical reactions, meaning your battery is going to bog down when it gets cold out. This can happen despite how fully charged your battery is. Though, a new battery before an extreme weather change that can happen from Summer through Fall to Winter, will help prevent such a drastic change in your battery’s reliability. 
Another maintenance item that can be done to protect yourself from battery issues is to maintain your battery year-round. Making sure you’re cleaning up any corrosion, keeping dirt and oil deposits off of your battery, and making sure that all connections and hardware are secure will help extend the life of your battery regardless of the weather. If you do have removable battery caps, make sure you check the fluid level once a month but ensure you are wearing the proper safety gear such as eye protection and rubber gloves.
General car maintenance for fall and winter is important to protect the overall health of your vehicle. Cold weather can increase weaknesses that may have been less of an issue during the warmer months or make car trouble more dangerous if you’re stranded in bad weather. Make sure your engine and its filters are clean and working properly.
Poorly maintained windshield wipers, dirty windshields, and headlight problems will only decrease your safety in bad weather situations. Having the correct kind of wipers for your climate is going to help provide the best visibility possible, as will making sure your windshield and headlight covers are clean. You’ll decrease eye fatigue and increase visibility, no matter what the climate or weather.
Complete Automotive is happy to announce that we are participating in the annual Brakes for Breasts fundraiser this October. When you come to our auto repair shop during the month of October for brake service or repair, you will receive your brake pads for FREE and just pay for the labor and other parts. Complete Automotive will donate 10% of that brake service to The Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Research Fund. Please join us for this life-saving fundraiser when your vehicle needs brakes.

Complete Automotive in Springfield is at the ready to help you stay on top of all your vehicle’s maintenance, brakes, and tire needs. We are here for you and will always put you and the safety of you, your passengers, and those around you on the streets of Springfield first and foremost. Make your appointment today! See you soon!

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